Course, Time Schedule

We are very sorry, but the course and time schedule have changed.
The distance of EKIDEN has changed. Each section is 5.274 km. Total distance is 21.096km.

September 22nd - 0:00 pm - 6:00 pm
@ Gelora Bung Karno Parking Place
*North side of "Senayan Driving Golf Range"
3 minutes on foot from "Polda Metro Jaya" Bus Station

You get the Bib number & T-shirts.
*Please tell us your Bib number shown by Confirmation e-mail.

September 23rd
@ Gelora Bung Karno Parking Place

We are very sorry, but the time schedule has changed.
5:30 am - Opening Ceremony
6:45 am - Half Marathon & 5km Run Start
7:45 am - EKIDEN (5km Relay) start
10:15 am - Closing Ceremony

Proposal Point

The Jakarta marathon 2012 will be held as a related event of "Jakarta Japan Festival" on September 23rd.
We prepare the categories, "5km Run" which beginners can enjoy, and "half marathon" which advanced runners can also enjoy.
And, we hold "EKIDEN"
* on the same day, which is track and field of Japanese origin.
*EKIDEN; a long-distance marathon relay. In the race, each runner on a team runs a distance from one "station " to the next, and then hands off a "tasuki" ,which means a kind of a cloth sash, to the next runner.

We hold 3,000 sports events for amateur in Japan annually. So, we make full use of "the know-how to get amateur's sport player to enjoy" for this event.

Enjoy "Made in japan"Running Event !!

Event Organizer

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TEL +81-3-5431-5571

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