• Tokyo Rainbow Marathon 2020 Sunday April 5, 2020
  • Original T-shirts in 6 different colors
  • flat course and 6 colored pace makers
  • Tokyo Rainbow Marathon


We're now looking for volunteers to help with the event
Entry procedures are open
Entry procedures open January 17th from 12:00
Press release distributed
Decision to host second Rainbow Marathon

Sponsors of the First Tokyo Rainbow Marathon

  • Kinfgom of the Netherlands
  • Education First


Entry Procedures Open


This is a day for all to enjoy sports

Sport is all about the joy and excitement of
exercise, making friends and just being healthy.

You don’t need anything special to enjoy sports.

And here at least we don’t discriminate by gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or sexual expression.
Let’s all make this a sports event where
everyone can be themselves,
and understand and respect each other.

Event information


Event Tokyo Rainbow Marathon 2020
Concept Tokyo Rainbow Marathon aims to become the role model for all future diverse and citizen-led sporting events. We held our first run on Saturday March 2, 2019 at the Showa Memorial Park in Tachikawa, Tokyo, attended by approximately 600 people. For this second Tokyo Rainbow Marathon, we are making the event bigger and have moved the location close to the new Olympic Stadium in Meiji Jingu Gaien. There will be competitive half-marathons, 10K and 5K runs, as well as 2K fun runs 1.5K family events, and relay runs that can be run together as a group. There will be individual changing rooms and toilets for members of the LGBTQ community who wish to use them as well as men and women’s changing rooms and toilets. Part of the participation fee will go to support the NPO Pride House Tokyo We hope we can all get a step closer to a society where everyone can share in the enjoyment and pleasure of sports. enjoy and take pleasure from sports.
Date Sunday April 5, 2020
Location Course around Meiji Jingu Gaien Facilities
(Closest station: JR Chuo Line: Shinanomachi Station, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Organizer Tokyo Rainbow Marathon Executive Committee
Co-Organizer Pride House Tokyo
Nominal Support (TBC) Shinjuku-ku, Shibuya-ku, Minato-ku
Planning and run management SPORTSONE Co. Ltd.


Donations Donations options for Pride House Tokyo
  • ①Choose the below donations separate from the entry fee
  • ②Supporting donations (for those who cannot attend but wish to support these activities)
    ※There will be an extra processing fee of ¥200
  • ③Purchase of Pride House Tokyo goods at the event venue on the day. (Excuslive T-shirts, towels, bags, badges, etc. )
  • ④A donation box will also be available at the venue site


  • Charity Marathon【Half・10km・5km・2km】

    Three timed race, and one untimed 2km run.

    ・Timed races with certificate of completion:Half、10km、5km
    ・No time set and no certificate of completion:2km
    ・Overall ranking records
    ・Every 1km will be clearly marked
    ・Cloak and changing rooms and water stations provided
    ・T-Shirts to all participants

    Entry fee (SPORTSONE web site)

    ・10km :¥4,400
    ・5km :¥3,300
    ・2km :¥2,000

    Entry fee (RUNNET GLOBAL web site)

    ・10km :¥4,600
    ・5km :¥3,500
    ・2km :¥2,200


    ・Half, 10K – 16 years and above
    ・5km – Middle School age (7th -9th grade) and above
    ・2km  - Elementary school age (1st – 6th grade) and above

    Charity Marathon Charity Marathon
    (Japanese ver)
    (English ver)
    coming soon
  • Family Run

    Fun runs for family and children

    ・3 x 500 meter course
    ※You can complete the run at 1 x 500m or the 1K point too
    ・Untimed race
    ・Cloak and changing room, and water stations available
    ・T-shirts to all participants

    Entry fee

    ・1 group of 2 people:¥4,000
    ・1 group of 3 people:¥5,500
    ・1 group of 4 people:¥7,000


    ・Groups have to comprise of at least one adult (20 years old and above) and children (Elementary school 1st to 6th grade age and below) of a total of 2 to 4 people.
    ※The adult does not need to be the child’s parent or legal guardian.

    Family run Family run
    (Japanese ver)
  • Half Relay Marathon

    Teams of 2 to 10 people to run a half-marathon relay race passing on sashes Around a 1K lap course.

    Each team can decide how many laps each member runs
    ・Timed race with a certificate of completion upon completion
    ・Overall ranking to be published
    ・Cloak and changing rooms available as well as water stations
    ・T-Shirts to all participants

    Entry fee

    ¥3,500 per person (teams of 2-10 people)


    ・Elementary school (1st-6th grade) age and above
    ・Each team has to include at least one adult (20 years old and above)

    Half relay Half relay
    (Japanese ver)
  • Supporter's entry

    What is a Supporter's entry?

    For people who can not participate on the day of the Tokyo Rainbow Marathon but wish to support the mission and activities of the Pride House Tokyo, we have created a charity option called the Supporter's Entry.

    Entry fees

    ¥500 /¥1,000 /¥2,000 /¥5,000 /¥10,000 /¥30,000 /¥50,000



    Supporter's Entry Supporter's Entry
    (Japanese ver)


Planned Schedule for Sunday April 5, 2020

08:00 AMEntry for morning races(Half, 10km, 5km, 2km, Family run)
09:10 AMOpening ceremony for the morning races (Half, 10km, 5km, 2km, Family run)
09:30 AMFamily run (1.5km) start
09:55 AM10km・5km start
10:00 AMHalf marathon start
11:00 AM5km・10km awards ceremony
11:30 AMEntry for afternoon races(Relay marathon)
11:45 AMHalf marathon awards ceremony
12:30 PM2km start
13:00 PMpening ceremony for atternoon race (Relay marathon)
13:30 PMHalf relay marathon start
15:20 PMHalf relay marathon awards ceremony
17:00 PMEvents end

Course map

Family run & Charity marathon course (Planned)

Family run Charity marathon course

1 lap 500 m course in red:
Family run 3 laps

lap 2K course in blue:
2K race: 1 lap
5K race: 3 laps (1st lap 1K)
10K race: 5 laps

1 lap 2.11K course in yellow:
Half-marathon: 10 laps

Relay Half Marathon Course (planned)

Relay Half Marathon Course

1 lap 1K course in pink:
Relay Half-marathon 21 laps



Recommended points

  • Original T-shirts in 6 different colors

    Original T-shirts in 6 different colors

    Please choose the color of your T-shirt upon application. It will not be the same design as in 2019.

  • Race details

    Race details

    ■ 1K distances will be visibly designated
    ■Water stations with sports drinks
    ■Certificates of completion
    ■Free cloak rooms
    ■No cut off times for any runners
    ■IC chip tags for proper timings

  • 6 colored pace makers

    6 colored pace makers
    (for Half Marathon only)

    Red:1h30m (04’16” approx./km pace)
    Orange:1h45m (05’00” approx./ km pace)
    Yellow:2h00m (5’40” approx./km pace)
    Green:2h15m (6’25” approx./km pace)
    Blue :2h30m (7’07” approx./km pace)
    Purple:2h45m (7’50” approx./km pace)

    ※Pace makers are available only for the half-marathon race

  • Individual changing rooms and temporary toilets

    Individual changing rooms and temporary toilets

    There will be individual changing rooms and toilets for LGBTQ people who so wish to use them

  • Great access and a flat course

    Great access and a flat course

    Easy access within central Tokyo and relatively easy & flat course for fast time record holders

  • No cut off times

    No cut off times

    Novice runners who wish to complete this race will be relieved to hear that there are no cut off times

    ※Exception will be made at the discretion of the organizers with regards to people who walk at the start of the race or cannot run at one point due to injuries.



Message from Organizers

Gon Matsunaka 
-“Pride House Tokyo” Consortium head/ Non-profit organization Good Ageing Yells Representative.

We are aiming to create a new kind of event where we walk, run and move our bodies together – each one of us overcoming our many differences to support young LGBTQ and other sexual minorities.
With the Tokyo 2020 Olympics just ahead of us, together let’s help make Pride House Tokyo our legacy to the next generation.

Fumino Sugiyama
- Joint representative of Non-profit Organization Tokyo Rainbow Pride & former women’s fencing Japan national team athlete

Congratulations on the occasion of the Tokyo Rainbow Marathon. I will be running with all of you soon, despite my worried that I will be able to run even the 5K these days (lol). See you at the venue.

Aya Noguchi
- Non-Profit GEWEL Director/Former professional soccer player

Let make this event one filled with smiles as we overcome our differences through sports. May we run together to make this the first step in changing the sports culture into one where everyone feels safe being themselves.

Toshiya Takeda
– Sports & Life Promotion Foundation Director

Ever since there’s been this interest in the LGBTQ community in society, I had been wanting to do a sporting event that raises awareness of minorities such as the LGBTQ and the physically handicapped. When I met Fumino Sugiyama, Gon Matsunaka and Maki Muraki for the first time, everything fell in place. They too were looking to do a sporting event around the time of the Tokyo Olympics. Nevertheless this run event is also a very well organized one, and I urge all to participate even for just that reason.


We are looking for people who share our belief in the core values of this event and who like volunteering at sporting events, and want to give back to society through sports. Perhaps you just want to cheer on the runners. Or maybe you want to volunteer as part of your school’s activities. Maybe even be part of organizing a large event. Or just cheer on a friend who has joined the run. We are open to all volunteers.